Um adeus virtual, que é um até já, e a promessa de “great things to come”. Lebbeus Woods é sempre uma fonte brilhante de inspiração e reflexão. O espaço (virtual e factual) não são, para mim, os mesmos desde que o descobri.
Esperando pelo seu próximo “not a picture book”.


The days of regular posting on the LW blog are over.

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, at my age and stage of life, with various health and other issues, my time and energy are limited. For another, I have begun writing a book that soaks up what time and energy I have for writing. It is not a compendium or collection of earlier work, but rather a new piece of work in itself, having to do with how World War Two shaped the architecture of the later 20th century. The ideas are fresh and the writing brand-new. Oh, and it’s not a picture book. I’ve never done anything like it.

From time to time, I will post an article on the blog. I certainly don’t expect readers to check into the blog regularly, as they have been able to do over the past four years. Readers…

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